Recent Activities

 Research Activities

Here are some of the research topics being pursued at the Laboratory.

  • Personalized, Automated, and Adaptive Information Retrieval over the Internet
  • Models of Neuronal Activity
  • Automatic Adaptive and Predictive Meshing in the Finite Element Method
  • Modeling Dual Task Performance in Humans
  • Automatic Assigning Geometry to Meshes in the Finite Element Method
  • Simplified Models of the Neocortex
  • Relationship between Discrete and Continuous Neuronal Models
  • Philosophical Analysis of Psycho-Pathology: Practical Applications
  • User Modeling and Personalized Information Delivery
  • Analyzing the Transfer of Moods over Social Networks
  • fMRI analysis via Machine Learning Tools
  • Modeling  Human Declarative Memory Systems
  • Model Free BOLD Signal Generation in fMRI Scans
  • Recognizing Kinds of Grammatical Roots in Hebrew from fMRI during silent reading
  • Early Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease Directly from Speech Signals
  • Modeling the Notion of Schemata in Human Declarative Memory
  • Building a Computational Model of Human Style Memory
  • Ability to Recognize “Positive” versus “Negative” Memories from fMRI Data

Undergraduate Projects

Hananel Hazan supervises undergraduate projects; many of which are related to neurocomputation.    For example, there is a Hebrew OCR based on neural networks,  a recorder music recognizer and teacher, automatic speech segmentation.    To see these projects go here.

Education (to be updated)

  • Mathematical Models of Neuronal Activity, course in Mathematics Department, 2004
  • An interdisciplinary seminar in the subject of Computation and the Mind is sponsored by the Laboratory.
  • The Laboratory encourages and will give minor support to other courses and research seminars, such as the course ”Neurocomputation” and ”Advanced Topics Seminar in Neurocomputation” in the Computer Science Department
  • The Laboratory sponsors a new course, “Computational Models of Cognition”, to be given in the Computer Science Department, 2012
  • The Laboratory encourages and gives minor support to the Cognitive Science Colloquium

Research Meetings and Research Guests

  • International Meetings

The Laboratory has participated in the organization of under the auspices of CRI, major international conferences: (TO BE UPDATED)

  1. Mathematical Problems (and Solutions?) Arising from Neurophysiology
  2. What is Learning in the Neural System?
  3. The 16th Meeting of the Israeli Society for Computational Mechanics: Computational Mechanics and Soft Computing
  4. The Israel-Taiwan Artificial Intelligence Workshop
  5. A Meeting between CiNet, NICT (Japan) and CRI
  • Guests (TO BE UPDATED)

The Laboratory hosts lectures and research guests, some associated with the above meetings; others coming for direct research visits. Included in the above is Nobel Prize Laureate Bert Sakmann, Leonardo Franco of Oxford U., David Hardoon of Southhampton U. and SAS, Singapore,  Paolo Avesani of FBK, Trento, Diego Sona of FBK, Trento and U. Genoa

Technology Transfer

The laboratory encourages the transfer of research to industry.

  • A U.S. patent, concerning ”Adaptive Meshing in the Finite Element Method”